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Bareroot Sale!

Every spring right before it's time to bring in the new stock of bareroot trees and shrubs, we like to fire sale the old stock to make room for the new! This means great prices on our bareroot fruit, shade and ornamental tress! This year all trees with be $15 each of $60/bundle of 5 trees. No holds or reservation on sale material, come early to get the best selection. Sale starts Friday March 25th and runs until the new stock arrives (probably by the first week of April).

What is a bareroot tree?

Bareroot trees are a great way to save a little money. The trees are literally 'bare root' which means they come to you without a pot or burlap. They are a younger tree and will take more time to mature, but if you are doing a large planting it is the most economical way to save some money. They do need to be planted soon after being taken home (or at least the roots need to be covered).

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The biggest moving sale ever...

Just got bigger!

Well folks, we have a good couple months-ish left of the 2021 season at our Appleway and Barker location, and things are moving fast, but we still have some trees we would love to get to permanent happy homes, so we are marking down our prices even more!

Inventory per species is limited, and we will go ahead and apologize now for not being able to answer every phone call about specific inventory- you'll have to just come on in and check out the steals!

Appleway & Barker location ONLY

No Holds- First come, first serve


As of 10-01-2021:


Lilac- balled & burlapped, 4 left

Dr. Merril Magnolia- shrub form balled & burlapped, 5 left

Black Tulip Magnolia- shrub form potted, 11 left

Compact Hinoki Cypress- balled & burlapped, 3 left

Green Velvet Boxwood- balled & burlapped, 18 left

Black Lace Elderberry- 15 gallon, 12 left

Black Tower Elderberry- 15 gallon, 13 left

Burkwood Viburnum- 15 gallon, 6 left

Doublefile Viburnum- balled & burlapped, 16 left

Assorted small Apple, Pear, Plum, Walnut- 7 gallon, 16 left


Hot Wings Maple- 15 gallon, 18 left

Ninebark Tree Form- 15 gallon, 3 left

Trellised Climbing Hydrangea- 10 gallon, 7 left

Sumac- 10 gallon, 6 left

Miss Kim Lilac Tree- 7 gallon, 6 left


Oakleaf Hydrangea Tree- 15 gallon, 2 left

Slender Hinoki Cypress- 4' potted, 12 left

Weeping Contorted Blue Atlas Cedar- balled & burlapped, 3 left

Sweetgum- balled & burlapped, 4 left

Vine Maple- balled & burlapped, 2 left

Katsura Tree- balled & burlapped, 16 left

Red Dragon Contorted Filbert- balled & burlapped, 5 left

Pyramidal Hornbeam- balled & burlapped, 2 left

Green Vase Zelkova- balled & burlapped, 3 left

Princeton Elm- balled & burlapped, 10 left

Kwanzan Flowering Cherry- balled & burlapped, 7 left

White Flowering Eastern Redbud- potted, 3 left

Toba Hawthorn- 15 gallon, 2 left

Cider Apple Trees- 15 gallon, 47 left


Bristlecone Pine- potted, 10 left

Green Japanese Maple- 15 gallon, 8 left

Red Ribbonleaf Japanese Maple- 15 gallon, 5 left

Assorted Weeping Spruce- balled & burlapped, 20 left

Golden Honeylocust- balled & burlapped, 8 left

Black Gum- balled & burlapped, 4 left

Paperbark Maple- balled & burlapped, 6 left

4-5' Weeping Sequoia- balled & burlapped, 6 left

Double Pink Weeping Cherry- balled & burlapped, 4 left

Multi-trunk Canada Red Chokecherry- 20 gallon, 1 left

Flowering Dogwood Trees- balled & burlapped, 40 left

Cornelian Cherry- balled & burlapped, 19 left


Dwarf Ginkgo Tree- 7 gallon, 1 left

Multi-trunk River Birch- balled & burlapped, 28 left

Cupressina Columnar Norway Spruce- balled & burlapped, 6 left

6'+ Weeping Sequoia- potted, 13 left

We also still have plenty of perennials and shrubs left in pots, still at smoking deals!

ALL 1 gallon- $5 each

ALL 2 gallon $10 each

ALL 3 gallon $15 each

ALL 5 gallon $20 each

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