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What We Do

In addition to growing and selling trees we can also help with the installation. Installation pricing varies greatly depending on the type/size of tree and what kind of equipment is necessary. Because we cannot quote planting prices without knowing the size/quantity of trees- we suggest you start by picking your trees! Once you have an idea of what you want, we can walk you through the process of figuring out the installation details.

Tree Crane

Big trees are heavy! To help you move and install a more mature tree we have a few sizes of cranes available to help you accomplish your dream landscape. As with anything there are some parameters we have to work within. If you are thinking about getting a large tree come in and talk with us sooner rather than later- our crane trucks are often booked solid during the busy season!


Tree Spade

As part of our own growing operation, we operate a few sizes of tree spades that allow us to harvest and move medium-large trees. If you have a project that involves moving trees on your property, this could be a solution. Please come in and talk to us about the details of your project and we will see if the tree spade will work for you!


Are you doing a DIY landscape?

We love the do-it-yourselfers! If you have a drawing of your space and a vision we can help you fill in the details. Bring in your drawings (try not to come during our peak times) and we can help you find the right plant material for your landscape.

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