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The Biggest Moving Sale Ever!!!

Well, we've been awful quiet on the interwebs here the last couple of months. It's been an interesting year after the big covid shutdown, trying to find plant material to sell, and employees to sell it.

Most of you already know that we built our new location out on Harvard road in Otis Orchards a few years ago with the plan of moving out there- folks, the time has finally come. 2021 will officially be our last season here at the Appleway location. What this means for you is more staff and more plant material in one convenient location. No more phone tag, no more multiple stops to complete your landscape project!

That said, we have some big sales starting here at our Appleway location. Unprecedented discounts- everything is priced to move, because we really don't want to move every single item we have over to the new store, so you will see discounts like you've never seen before! There are some rules though, so please read the fine print below carefully. We are very minimally staffed so we had to set up some parameters to work within, but you will find that it is well worth it!

Now that we've gotten the pesky rules out of the way, here are the deals! Bring your pick-ups, bring your trucks, bring your trailers, you're going to want to load up at these prices, and as mentioned above, we can't hold material, it really needs to go the same day. We take cash, Visa, and Mastercard only please.

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