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Bareroot Sale!

Every spring right before it's time to bring in the new stock of bareroot trees and shrubs, we like to fire sale the old stock to make room for the new! This means great prices on our bareroot fruit, shade and ornamental tress! This year all trees with be $15 each of $60/bundle of 5 trees. No holds or reservation on sale material, come early to get the best selection. Sale starts Friday March 25th and runs until the new stock arrives (probably by the first week of April).

What is a bareroot tree?

Bareroot trees are a great way to save a little money. The trees are literally 'bare root' which means they come to you without a pot or burlap. They are a younger tree and will take more time to mature, but if you are doing a large planting it is the most economical way to save some money. They do need to be planted soon after being taken home (or at least the roots need to be covered).

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Spring Cleaning Clearance sale!

Starting Saturday March 13th at 10:00 am we are kicking off spring of 2021 at our BARKER & APPLEWAY LOCATION with a crazy good clearance sale on select 2020 and older balled and burlapped stock! We are working on clearing out some beds and doing a little rearranging, which means we need some things to move fast! That means HUGE savings for you!

A few details to take note of before we dive into exactly what bargains we've got for you:

* This clearance sale is at our APPLEWAY LOCATION ONLY. It will run until everything on sale is gone or until we heel it back in, whichever comes first.

* First come, first serve for this stuff, folks! We have a rough inventory of sale material that you will see here as you scroll down, but we will be busy helping our customers out in the yard and won't be able to answer phone calls and messages about particular items in the sale, or hold specific items. Come on out and have a look!

* Purchased clearance material must be taken same day of purchase.

* Be prepared to poke around. Everyone is excited for spring and getting started on those outdoor projects, so we will likely be pretty darn busy. Please be patient with us as we help customers as efficiently as we can.

* ALL CLEARANCE SALES ARE FINAL. No warranty, no returns.

And now, the nitty gritty! We have balled and burlapped trees and shrubs for at least 50% off, many items with much steeper discounts.

Tanyosho Pine, $50 each, regularly $90

Select Boxwoods $20 each, regularly $50-$60

Columnar blue spruce or Globe blue spruce $50 each, regularly $90-$150

3' Purple Fountain Beech $50, regularly $80-$100

Miscellaneous Flowering Dogwood trees $40, regularly $80-$150

Multi Trunk Misc. Magnolias, $30, regularly $60-$100

Park Grade <1" Tricolor Beech $30, regularly $80-$150. TLC needed on these.

Hick's Yew $40, regularly $80-$100

Select Maples, Tulip Trees, and Hornbeams $30, regularly $100-$300

Green Giant or Excelsa Cedar $75, regularly $150

In addition to the above material, there are a lot of different items we are making deals on, too many to list. Come on out and take a look!

We are open 10am to 4pm Saturday March 13th, and closed Sunday. Our sale is at the Barker and Appleway location only. Keep your eye on this page and/or your inboxes though, there are more sales coming at more locations!

Happy Spring!

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