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Bare root trees have finally arrived!

The good news first. Well, aside from the good news that they're finally here! These trees are lovely. They're healthy, many varieties are very large for a bare root- the same size trees that were they burlapped or in a pot would run $100-$200. But bare root? $30 each for fruit trees, $40 each for flowering/shade trees, $10 each for shrubs.

The not so good news: Our selection is quite limited this year. With covid having shut everyone down last year- well, darn near everyone but nurseries and garden centers, we had a very busy season, and so did the growers not only in Oregon, where the majority of the nursery stock in the northwestern U.S. comes from, but across the country. So we all sold out of stuff faster than it could grow. And the frosting on top of that bitter cake is the ice storm that hit the Willamette Valley area this winter, damaging much of the stock that was left at a lot of places. So we are all playing a little catch up and we hope you'll bear with us.

The List

Fruit trees-

Criterion Apple, semi dwarf

Gravenstein Apple, dwarf

Jonathan Apple, dwarf

Red Gravenstein Apple, semi dwarf

Snow Famuse Apple, semi dwarf

Bosc Pear, dwarf

Comice Pear, dwarf

TsuLi Asian Pear, semi dwarf

Summercrisp Pear, semi dwarf

Multi-graft 2-way Pear

Van Cherry, semi dwarf

Lapins Cherry, semi dwarf

Stella Cherry, semi dwarf

Multi-graft 3-way Cherry

Multi-graft 2-way Plum

Non-fruiting trees-

Krauter Vesuvius Flowering Plum

Cleveland Select Flowering Pear


Redtwig Dogwood

Yellowtwig Dogwood

We have a little of each of these varieties at both our Appleway location and our Harvard location. We are not going to be taking pre orders, phone orders, or putting holds on anything in the bare root this year in an effort to make it as fair as possible for all. Please come on in to either of our retail stores and we can help you out.

I know the majority of you all are looking for peaches and Apricots, among other things, and we are still actively looking for other sources, even if they are bigger or smaller than our usual bare root, but the above is what we know we have now. And it really is still a little early in the season, we are still shipping quite a bit of plant material in weekly for the next few months.

We also still have plenty of blueberry bushes, strawberry plants, rhubarb, asparagus, horseradish, grapes, currants, blackberries, elderberries, hardy kiwi, mint, walla walla onion starts, seed potatoes, onion sets, and other hardy edibles to consider, and our friendly folks here are excited to help you choose the right material and give you the info you need for success!

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