We often have Park Grade plant material in stock at savings of up to 50% off. Park Grade trees are slightly imperfect trees that are otherwise healthy. A tree with a damaged leader is an example of a Park Grade tree. Come to either of our locations and check out our selection!
Park Grade

We are all facing some unprecedented changes in life as we know it for the foreseeable future. As such, planting hardy edible and medicinal plant material is now more important than ever. We are staying open as long as we can through this to be able to serve your needs, however we will be implementing some protocols to further promote the safety of all. 
*We will continue to strongly urge social distancing within the nursery, which is easy to do on our multiple acreage.
*We will complete all transactions outside that we can, and only allow 1 person at a time into the office for pin pad transactions. We will sanitize our pinpad after each use. 
*Unfortunately we will have no public restroom use during this time.
We hope that if we all pull together as a community and follow the guidelines set forth by the SRHD and the CDC, we can weather this storm.

Memorial day weekend sale at both our Appleway avenue and Harvard road locations! Check out our facebook page or come on out and see us for details! We are far busier than we could ever have predicted due to the covid19 shutdowns, so we are focusing on the customers in the stores and are not able to get to the phones or email as much as we would like, so please bear with us! We are trying to return all calls and emails as soon as we can! We appreciate each and every one of our customers so much and we hope everyone is staying healthy!